June 2022


Giuseppe Giana Srl has obtained the recognition of maximum commercial reliability. The award is based on CRIBIS Rating, a dynamic indicator and constantly updated on the reliability of the company.


Ours is a company where the spirit collaborates with the hands, that is, where manual work is intelligent and creative. The quality of our products comes essentially from this. We want to grow and develop our company. To grow we always need to build solid foundations. To grow up you need to start being small. The engine for the development of Giuseppe Giana S.r.l. are all the people work. Man is the protagonist of development, not money or technology. The energy for the engine are our customers and their needs. Their satisfaction is the true capital of Giana, to guarantee the continuity of our work and our renewed affirmation on markets. We believe that the good performance of the company depends heavily on the understanding of the needs of stakeholders and our attention to respond positively. Our organization must be able to ensure, to us and our customers, that the result of the work is in accordance with expectations. The Quality System serves this purpose. We are therefore all committed to meeting the requirements and for the continuous improvement of the Quality system. The reference model is ISO 9001:2015.

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