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Who we are

Giuseppe Giana spa works from more than 30 years in the machine tools industry. The maintenance, the acquired technical knowledges, the application of mechanical and electric technologies have confirmed the company’s global success during the years. Some specialties are the construction of CNC turning machines with 4 bedguideways and CNC deephole drilling and boring machines. Performances have no limits. For this reason, technical plannings allow the construction of machines with high technological contents.

GIUSEPPE GIANA SPA is located in 10000 square metres of buildings on a 30000 square metres lot, and has got middle-big dimensioned working machines. Among theese, we have to mention the Europe biggest surface grinder.

Deephole boring and drilling machines
The deep hole boring machines range GGB includes models GGB 360 – GGB 560 – GGB 1200 – GGB 2500. They are global leading machines. Boring capacity up to 1000 mm, drilling and boring length up to 20000 mm and more. The GGB CNC model is particularly suitable for bottle boring.

CNC Multitasking Single Bed Turning Machines
The wide range includes one bed - 4 guides lathes, spindle motor power from 40 to 74kW, centre height from 560 to 760 mm, turning length up to 15000 mm and over. Machine’s models are GGTRONIC 800 – GGTRONIC 1000. The wide range of optional tools make this machines become real turning and milling centres.

CNC Multitasking Double Bed Turning Machines
Multitasking double bed lathes’ range is born in 2005, spindle motor power from 51 to 300 kW, centre height from 960 to 2550 mm, turning length up to 26000 mm and over. This range of multitasking lathes can have from one to three turning and milling transversal axes. This models are: GGTRONIC 2000 – GGTRONIC 2500 – GGTRONIC 3000 – GGTRONIC 4000 – GGTRONIC 5000

The founder

Giuseppe Giana
22-11-1943 / 8-3-2012

He was born in Magnago, the last of six brothers.
He begans his working activity as workman in a company specialized in vertical lathes and planers’ production.
He did his military service in the eighth Corpo Bersaglieri in Pordenone.
In 1964, back from military service, he holds the company's reins, founded together with his brothers, and he begins a new raising work. He starts the productions of parallel lathes with his own brand, beside third parts working.
In 1966 the company expands: new workshops are built, in a few years dimensions redouble and triple: starting from small parallel lathes they arrive to medium and big sized lathes, to special machines, to vertical lathes, deep hole boring machines and honing machines.
In a few years, the company will become world leader in big dimensions’ lathes and deep hole boring machines.
In 1967, when he is only 33, he is designated Cavalier. In this way it is acknowledged his labor in a company by now well known all over the world. He is the youngest Cavalier in Italian Republic’s story.
In 1987, with a huge industrial foresight, he begins third parts working of big dimensioned pieces. They build a special shed, where they install the biggest european grinding machine (today this record has not yet been overtaken) along with other big dimensioned planers and boring machines.
In 1990 it begins a new challenge: he establish a new company that specializes on big dimensioned machine tools and special solutions, exclusively with a high level of automation.
The challenge is to operate all-out in foreign markets following the slogan that every machine is an artwork and an essence of technology and innovation, that is built costumised following costumers’ needs.
In 2005 the last revolution to project the future: the company’s structure becomes computerized. The technical office is empowered and machines’ design is computerized using tridimensional CAD, so taht the company is brought to the state-of-the-art.
In the meanwhile it is developped another product’s evolution with the construction of the Multitasking machine, first lathe in the world that uses conical roller bearings guides for longitudinal Z axis moving.
Important investments regarding the new assembly department with the construction of a new shed, new completely computerized offices and the purchase of new machines. For this reason he planned another company’s expansion that is necessary to produce new Multitasking milling and turning working centres of last generation.
In 2010, for the 20th anniversary of Giuseppe Giana spa, he is designated Cavaliere Ufficiale from the President of the Republic.
Always bersagliere: love for bersaglieri always stayed in his heart.

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