GGTRONIC 1800-2000, a natural smaller-size completion of the series, intended for enterprises needing to turn part from 400 to 1.600mm of diameter.Perfectly complying with the multitasking philosophy, the machine can be structured through an opportune choice of the configuration and of accessories, from the boring bar to steady rest, from the milling column to the tool change device, maintaining those features that have made the GGTRONIC range renowned, that is to say the reliability, the user friendliness and the great work ergonomics.
With the result of proposing on the market a forefront multitasking turning centre, highly customizable according to the various requirements but maintaining that reliability in time that has always characterized the product range by Giuseppe Giana.
One of the peculiarities of this machining centre resides in the fact that carriage is positioned “at eye level” and it is therefore very comfortable to control the workpiece, with uncommon ergonomic, permitting an attentive and punctual management of all clamping, positioning and dimensional measuring phases of the workpiece.
The GGTRONIC installation needs the creation of not very complex foundations compared to the ones needed for a standard lathe, keeping the machine embedded at around 30 centimetre from the factory’s floor, according to the logic shared by all of our plant.


One of the GGTRONIC’s main strenght is the multifunctional: simple to use and ergonomic, it perfectly embraces the multitasking philosophy, because only with choosing the appropriate dimensions and tools, you can “build” a machine and supply it with a boring bar, steady rests, a milling column, a tool changer device, and so on. You can also decide to leave the machine uncovered or to choose a complete protection to carry some operations out in spaces that need more cleanliness and security.

This kind of customization must not damage other qualities, such as project’s reliability or buying costs. For this reason, Giuseppe Giana’s technicians started a planning which bases on a sizeable number of standards forms and it’s able to create various possible combinations.

In this way, each GGTRONIC model, beyond its final characteristics, won’t be a special machine, even if it is tailor made. Special solutions limit, in fact, is being prototypes and the consequent level of reliability. In this way, following different custom needs, it is possible to have a “standard” model or machines that are really not similar to ones you can see in catalogues, but from which they inherit reliability and quality.  

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